Southern Helifest 2018 (Updated 31/7/2018)

It's that time of the year again, (Boy has it come around quickly)!

The clubs annual fun flyin is here again, now in it's seventh year we are hoping for another great event.

Look forward to seeing you there....

Helifest 2018 Information Sheet


Helifest 2018 update 16/07/2018


Not long to go now!

The show field is looking good, as with most on the UK the grass is now a shade of sand! We have had this weekend the local vehicle Heritage show in the field so the ground is pretty well flat. 

Some notes of guidance and information for you. 

Fees:  Camping £5/night 

           Flying  £5/day

Pilots briefing will be at 10am each day. 

Flying times: 

Flying will start after the pilots briefing and continue to around 5pm on the Friday and Saturday

On Sunday, after pilots briefing to around 4pm. 

Extended flying on Saturday evening but only for electric models. 

All Pilots MUST show their Insurance to fly, (No Insurance, no fly) 

If you arrive late or miss the pilots briefing then you need to see me or Lee before you fly. 

If you are flying FPV then you MUST have a spotter with you. 

NO flying if you have taken alcohol! 

Due to the condition of the field, NO fires or individual BBQ’s will be aloud. 

Safety is critical over the weekend, if you are seen flying in an unsafe manner or in a ‘no fly zone’ you will be asked to stop flying.


Food and Drink: 

We will be running our BBQ each day and drink will available at a modest cost. 

On Saturday evening we are hoping to have a social gathering near the flight line (cheese/wine) 

Please bring along you own food and drink, the club will supply snacks and salad.


We look forward to be seeing you for what we hope will be a great weekend of flying. 

If you have any questions, please email me or contact me on 07840 528933.

Update 31/07/2018

Well we did not see that comming!!!

Once again for the second year in a row, the rain and wind God decided not to let us have fun!!

Lets hope that 2019 brings better weather.

On behaft of the SCHC committee, I would like to thank all that supported the 2018 show.

Paul (Sec)