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South Coast Helicopter Club is all about bringing people together and their RC model helicopters.

We are a friendly bunch of enthusiasts who share the same interest, building, maintaining and flying model helicopters.
Our club's members fly pod and boom, scale and the new breed of micro electric RC helicopters at all skill levels. By no means think we are all expert flyers, we have members who are at the early learning stages of mastering the hover, right through to accomplished 3D aviators.
All the clubs members will be more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge with newcomers to the hobby.

Our club is run on the basis that it does not make a profit from the members, we give honest unbiased advice on what to buy, free help with helicopter setups, free advice on understanding your radio and of course lots of free help and encouragement with learning to fly.
The club runs a forum board system for its members so they can keep in touch with each other, if you need help and advice, or get stuck with something technical, just post it on the forum and other members will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

As from July 2005 the club became affiliated to the BMFA (British Model Flying Association).
All current members must have BMFA insurance to fly at the club.
BMFA insurance can be arranged through the club during membership sign up or direct from the BMFA.

Members fly on Sundays only.
For obviously reasons, if its pouring with rain, no one will be out playing,
the hobby is very dependant on weather conditions.